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Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative coolers provide a steady stream of fresh, cool air to your house.


With an air conditioner working through the hot days and nights to keep your house cool, it comes as no surprise that this can cause a large strain on the unit, especially during periods of extreme heat. Evaporative cooling is an alternative to a standard split system air conditioner, and can provide your home with a reliable cooling source that can function well during high temperatures. 

Our team of professionals offer quality installation, service and maintenance of evaporative cooling systems, giving you the reassurance that your system will be running as efficiently and as effectively as possible. We work around the clock to go above and beyond our customers expectations, providing quality evaporative cooling systems in Mornington,Mount martha,Mount eliza,Saftey beach,Dromana,Frankston,Sorrento and the greater suburbs of Melbourne. 

Evaporative cooling not only provides cold air to maintain a comfortable temperature for your home, but also helps to reduce moisture in the air which can prevent mould and mildew from the air. By improving the air quality in your building, the area will become cleaner and safer to live in. 

Some common issues with evaporative cooling systems include dirt building up around the filters and ducts of the system, as well as internal issues that disrupt the air recycling process. Thankfully, our highly experienced team of experts are prepared to service and repair your evaporative cooling system if any of these issues arise.
Brivis and Bramar are renowned for producing some of the most effective and high quality evaporative cooling systems in Australia. Our team of professionals are licensed for Brivis & Braemar installation and Brivis heating repairs, providing you with the reassurance that your new system is in great hands.

If you’re considering installing an evaporative cooling system in Mornington/Mornington peninsula,or thinking about a split-system installation for your home or business, contact the experts at Mornington gas and heating. We install, service and repair a wide variety of heating and cooling systems in Mornington and the surrounding suburbs.

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